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                                                                  and the putty of perception.

While you can't purchase any taffy here 

(because everything on this site is free to sample, though to experience this site's taffy is to open yourself to a possibility of influence as you and the taffy interact, so explore at your own risk!), there are links to online (salt water) taffy resources, some of them retail! 

(though these days when I have a [increasingly rare] craving for some chewy candy my mouth configures, some of it adhering to tooth enamel and adorning the gum line, that began for me years ago with Bonomo's Turkish Taffy and 2-squares-for-a-penny Banana Splits, I just go to my local Meijer for some banana Laffy Taffy, sold by the pound in the bulk bin)

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The work on this website (including the taffy itself) is licensed under a 

What Mid-Hudson Taffy has in common with the salt water chewy candy that originated in Atlantic City, is a pulling process in which content is stretched, folded, and re-stretched, or, as would be said in Limited Fork Theory, the content or information is configurable and reconfigurable, and then the fork would be lost for a little while in adoration of possibilities of folding.

Tines can tangle; prongs of the limited fork are configurable and reconfigurable themselves, can be stretched, folded, twisted, looped, etc. and re-folded, re-twisted, re-looped, and warped on some scale, in some location for some duration of time.

Tines (or prongs) are incredible acrobats, and with those spaces between them, loss of content, loss of information, loss of some of that taffy is pretty much a sure thing in a system of understanding working hard at denying sure things; it's just that because the fork is full of holes, it seems likely that a lot can fall through or somehow miss being captured by tines that might be eager to catch things considering the spear-like nature of the tines of the fork as eating utensil. (image from wikipedia commons)

(and each limited fork is a prong system of the limited fork, and there is no limit to the number or form of tine system[s] that a limited fork can accommodate on some scale in some location for some duration of time)


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