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A Very Special Taste of Shig (Sheep Pig) Taffy

April 21, 2010
As a lover of pigs and sheep, the sheep pig in this video was a delight —some of the sweetest taffy— for 4kergirl whose Limited Fork Theory is driven by interaction and is itself a form of interaction.  I collect evidence of interaction in configurations of shadows and reflections (some 40,000 images on three external hard drives).

Does 4kergirl want a shig?  Or one of those micro pigs the size of most of the plush pigs she collects at home and in her car?  

Sheep pigs (shigs) seem to offer visual evidence of interaction, some odd, maybe even deviant crossbreeding (genetic remixing) in a  lab component of an institution for the advancement of evolution and cloning; perhaps had Babe  been of this breed, the orphan pig would have had an easier time gaining acceptance as a sheep pig —and micro pigs certainly present evidence of interaction (they're so taffy!), so any serious practitioner of Limited Fork Theory: the study of interacting systems would have to have them, for the purposes of research, of course.  

The Arrival of Mid-Hudson Taffy (collaborative candy)

April 19, 2010
The Taffy's ready!

After experiencing incredible generosity at Vassar College in the fall, work to configure audio and video from the Elizabeth Bishop Lecture Installation has produced two video pieces and nineteen sound sculptures, each of which contains either the entire soundtrack from the Lecture Installation or contains the soundtrack from the end of the introduction through the end of the Lecture as captured/determined by technicians who were instrumental in capture and feedback protocol...
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4kergirl Assembler of information (especially visual, tactile, and sonic forms) into configurable forms in pursuit of a collaborative nature at the roots and hearts of all things; a willing victim of remix culture, at home in a culture of recycled new stuff, idea infused with encounter-based influence; the mother of Limited Fork Theory; bend, yield, but don't break (yes —still having trouble with angels)

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