three photos of Thylias Moss as 4kergirl by kna'Knox, self-portrait collage by 4kergirl  

 (still from Bishop Lecture Installation unsynchronized triple projection feedback system) 


connect with forkergirl




Location of the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the namesake of the Mid-Hudson Taffy Company, the connective (taffy) splice linking an invitation to be the 2009 Elizabeth Bishop Lecture to Poughkeepsie itself, a collaborative (bridge) venture in which the lecture acknowledges the place in which the event unfolds, responds to space, collaborates with space itself.


Location of Vassar College, the location of the 2009 Elizabeth Bishop Limited Forked Lecture Installation

I had both the pleasure and privilege to be asked to serve as the Vassar College 2009 Elizabeth Bishop Lecturer, an invitation that I configured differently coming as it did as Limited Fork Theory was coming into its own at five years old, ready to start real school.   It was impossible for me to be that lecturer configured primarily as a poet since the taffy-nature of Limited Fork Theory had reconfigured me into a proforker, a Limited Fork Theorist, forkergirl, and 4kergirl, a Mid-Hudson Taffy Company  identity: forkergirl as sound sculptor. 

Serve is exactly what I tried to do; my Limited Fork Theory training in the study of interacting systems has led me to configurations of realities in which a collaborative nature of existence manifests again and again.  An interaction is a collaborative system, and interactions are the subject and focus and reason for the theory.  This is something other than interdisciplinary in which boundaries between disciplines, in which categories are perceived as real and so must be joined, must be overcome.  An assumption in interdisciplinarity is that there are separate areas to be connected whereas in Limited Fork Theory, everything is already connected, so connections need only to be noticed, activated, explored, investigated on any scale in any location for any duration of time.  

Once I accepted the invitation, I was put in service to the Lecture, in service to Vassar, in service to Poughkeepsie; an interacting system was activated, and I began in preparing for the event to consider my collaborators, my interaction community.  

                                                                       So started my Taffy Diet.

The interaction itself became a bridge system to and within the interaction, a bridge system well exemplified by the Mid-Hudson Bridge, an access point and a departure point; a center of the universe in which any location may serve as a temporary reference center, zooming out from any point eventually accessing, interacting with, embracing an allness of existences or universes influenced by that point of context.  These zooming-out rings from every point interact (temporarily) in every possible way.  And so can an allness of existences or universes collapse into, be contained by (temporarily) any point accessed by zooming in.  The video poam (product of act[s] of making) forkergirl particle pops a beaded multiverse explores some of these ideas as Limited Fork Theory concepts: